Sexual Atheism

April 12, 2014

I think the article’s title is a good one for the survey results and the real world it describes.

Evangelicals and Israel

April 9, 2014

Here’s an essay discussing the shifting allegiances of evangelicals with regard to Israel. It’s an interesting thing. On the one hand, evangelicals have been among the most stalwart supporters of Israel, in part due to dispensationalism. But it was a dispensationalism that applied to contemporary Israel the allegiance that really belonged only to Israel in its eschatological restoration. Ironically, that very unquestioning allegiance became the basis to some extent for those who currently are moving in the opposite direction. There’s a middle path that would be more constructive.

TEDx tips

April 8, 2014

Some thoughts on what makes TEDx talks so interesting and lessons we might learn. I do think that not all of this is transformable, however. If sermons are expositions of God’s word, there may be some content constraints that shape our communication, too.

Contrary Take on the Millennials

April 8, 2014

Here’s  different, more traditionalist discussion of the millennials and their place in evangelicalism. This makes good points, but I do think there is still something there that this analysis misses. I don’t think we can ignore some fundamental changes that we may need to make.


April 8, 2014

I’m grading papers. This.

Gene Wolfe

April 8, 2014

A review essay on the work of Gene Wolfe. Worth a read for a link between faith and science fiction and fantasy.


March 20, 2014

Here are some lessons about DC several friends recently mentioned. A bit of rough language, but an interesting perspective.

Urban Church Plantations

March 20, 2014

Some thoughts on contemporary urban ministry. Strong words, but a lot of thruth.

Mumford and Sons

March 17, 2014

Here’s an odd title for a post: “I Wish Mumford & Sons Would Play at My Church.” It’s a follow up to the recent post on praise bands and medieval priests and adds some more depth to the discussion. If you’re interested in this issue it’s worth a read. Key idea: liturgy is a work of the people (not a form or style), and praise bands often work against that simply by the kind of thing they are.

Arguing Like Jerks

March 17, 2014

Some good thoughts, especially relevant to online interactions. The conclusion:

Next time someone posts that absolutely egregious link bait on Facebook, let’s try this as an exercise: call for a cease fire with our keyboards, make a phone call (remember those?) and grab some coffee with that guy or gal that doesn’t think like us. I promise you will be one step closer to a productive and enriching discussion—where grace, truth, and understanding rules over bitter sniping and strings of exclamation points.


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