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Good news on housing desegregation

January 31, 2012

Some good news on housing desegregation in this report. This is generally encouraging news. There is more to do of course, but we should celebrate all success!

For the Cult of Apple

January 31, 2012

The world is always more complicated than we would like – and the story of Apple’s manufacturing plants in China is part of that.

Francis Schaeffer Centennial

January 30, 2012

Was reminded that today is the 100th birthday of Francis Schaeffer. His contributions are worth celebrating.

Everything You Know about Learning is Wrong

January 30, 2012

You  might want to rethink your learning strategies

Postmodernism is Dead – Again?

January 26, 2012

Yet another essay discussing the death of postmodernism. Though with its own postmodern twang – postmodernism is just another took in our toolbox – no longer the sole way of looking at things. A good interdisciplinary discussion though.

Another online option

January 25, 2012

Another online education startup – with a former Stanford prof in the news.

Education Disruption

January 24, 2012

More on the future.

Free College for All

January 21, 2012

This article suggests this ideal might be possible – which would totally disrupt the existing higher education structure. The other stuff traditional colleges would offer (that would justify some of their costs) would have to be value-added. There are such things (the article suggests a few possible ones), but a lot of schools may not survive.

Christian Consuming

January 15, 2012

An interesting post on the Amazon price-check app. The goal is for you to shop in a store and then purchase at Amazon. Amazon uses your work to enhance their price database and everyone wins, except the store. The post suggests this is a bad thing, and in ways it is. I don’t know quite how to balance this – as one comment notes, I frequently do the opposite too. We can go back and forth and there’s no easy answer. I’m not even sure there is a Christian answer (though I purchased the linked book – at Amazon, of course, since the Kindle version was much cheaper).

Some of the themes in the post are echoes of something I noted earlier.

Gluttony and Busyness

January 15, 2012

A surprising but I think an insightful connection between gluttony and the busynesswe often feel. Is our business a result of our unwillingness to control our appetites for success, approval and more? Perhaps more than we might like to admit.