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Faith and the University

September 22, 2012

Here’s a post on a recent controversy. The issue: whether students should argue that their religious views are more valid than other religious views. The answer seems obvious, albeit shaped by the specifics of a course, assignment, and tone. I agree the students may not have handled their classroom presentation (and think I would assume this to give the professor maximum benefit of the doubt), but really…This kind of response is the wrong kind of lesson to give.

Do we have a crucifix problem?

September 17, 2012

So suggests Scot McKnight in a post that links to a new book on the resurrection. There’s something here, not only on the resurrection but also on the ascension which is sorely neglected in most of our theologies.

Identity Mapping

September 17, 2012

Some thought-provoking discussion on cultural transfer from the ancient world to today. It’s certainly not easy, and we ought to at least be thinking about how we map identities in making the move, regardless of how we view the specific points made on the contested issue of gender.

Readings on the Doctrine of God

September 17, 2012

A reading list from too evangelical theologians on the doctrine of God. One could do much worse!

Idols, Facebook and more

September 15, 2012

This extended post from Elizabeth Scalia addresses some issues within the Catholic world, but it has a broader application. Part of it is how we keep politics in its place – and balance it with Christian conviction.  And how facebook may not help. Even if you haven’t followed the background discussion, you’ll probably find something worthwhile in this discussion. Here’s a bit of the Facebook related stuff:

Facebook is an insidious place; most of us are not so grounded in humility that we can spend any time there without beginning to fall in love with ourselves, because Facebook is a profound vehicle for the feeding of our own narcissism (Look! I am liked! I am friended! I am shared! Everyone agrees with ME! Let me tell you what I’m eating, now!). And narcissism is the key to idol-making. We build them up and make them shiny, because then they better-reflect us back to ourselves.

Home school and the missional life

September 15, 2012

Does homeschooling deny the missional life? It’s a complex question, I think. I’m confident that sometimes it does. We can allow our plans for our children’s upward mobility (getting the best education possible) or our attempts to protect them from the world (as opposed to having faith that we can overcome the world) to move us in that direction. But I also believe raising children is more art that science; we have to be aware of what they can handle at this point, and we have to always balance mission with other considerations. We do the same thing with our own health, education, career choices, etc. I’m also not sure that we have to accept the assumption of a particular model of schooling (i.e., that the public school system as currently run is the only option), any more than we have to insist the Christians must be part of the political party system, or must participate in the military, for two complicated and disputed examples. But still, I repeat, sometimes I think it does. At least we should ask the question.

The size (and age) of the universe

September 15, 2012

Asking the hard “why” questions. And leaving us all wondering a bit…Regardless of your answer on the time question, the size one remains.

Core Curriculum

September 14, 2012

Here’s a suggestion for six necessary college courses. An interesting assortment of things with some practical significance. I don’t know if I can convince anyone of these…

What is Education for?

September 14, 2012

Here’s a cartoon which says something about the topic.

Can Christian Institutions be Followers of Jesus?

September 14, 2012

That the question must be asked probably says enough. But fear not, the post is mostly positive – in the sense of suggesting ways we must act to work toward that end. Let’s give it a go.