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Ideas I Wish I’d Thought of

May 31, 2013

Here’s one: Help Mom! There are Arminians Under My Bed. I can imagine a whole series. Here are a few possibilities:

There are Pedobaptists in my Closet!

There are Dispensationalists in my Bathroom!

There are Charismatics in the Kitchen!

So much fun, it would be.

Milbank on Gay Marriage

May 30, 2013

John Milbank’s comments on the topic were interesting, making a different point than most discussions. It is really about state control, rather than gay rights, he argues.

Low Standards

May 30, 2013

At community colleges, “disturbingly low standards” in fact. Probably not just at community colleges, I’m afraid.

The State of SF

May 30, 2013

Sarah Hoyt’s recent take on the state of science fiction is worth a read if you like the genre, or are interested in it as a window on the culture at large.


May 30, 2013

Are they losing their original goals?

The Future of Work

May 30, 2013

Something I’ve thought about, but explained quite well here. We are in the midst of a radical restructuring of the economy and things will not be the same. Manufacturing may return, but with far fewer jobs. And lots of knowledge worker jobs will be lost as some things get automated. Long term this is probably a good thing, but in the short term it will be hard for many of us to manage. Here’s a paragraph that highlights the transition:

Solving America’s jobs problem and its consequences—slack demand for workers at many skill levels and the rising consequences for wages, working conditions and inequality—is going to require both policy and cultural shifts. In the 19th century most Americans spent their time working with animals and plants outdoors in the country. In the 20th century most Americans spent their time pushing paper in offices or bashing widgets in factories. In the 21st century most of us are going to work with people, providing services that enhance each others’ lives.

If this is right, we have some work to do in re-imagining the future.

Memorial Day

May 30, 2013

This is late, but I thought Kevin DeYoung tried hard to think through some of the issues regarding Memorial Day. I think as a citizen we can be thankful for the blessings particular to our country and for those who made those blessings possible, but it is probably best to keep patriotism out of the church. The church is its own polis, so it should be very careful about how it handles these issues!

The New DSM

May 30, 2013

There are some issues. Mostly that the categories are not so much scientific as political and bureaucratic. At least according to one critic.

And then there’s the fact that perhaps 1/2 of Americans will have a diagnosable condition. That doesn’t seem right.

The skeptics have a point.

Machen on Catholicism

May 30, 2013

An interesting (and undoubtedly for many, unexpected) take on Catholicism drawn from J. Gresham Machen’s writings. I know in my dissertation work I came across similar sentiments from James Brookes (“proto-fundamentalist” and very conservative Presbyterian in the late 19th century). The fact that these ideas seem foreign to us today says something.

On Language

May 29, 2013

John McWhorter takes David Brooks to task on language. In simple terms, vocabulary counts don’t always tell us a lot about cultural trends. There are some potential implications for biblical studies too. I’ve read essays and books that depend on vocabulary studies that seem to go a bit too far…