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Some humor

August 30, 2013

I thought these were funny. It’s Friday!

The Endless Train Wreck

August 28, 2013

A discussion of looping video, animated gifs, and changing cultural sensibilities. It’s not all good:

And there is a danger, perhaps, that the loops of these moments become like the hooks of pop songs, carefully extracted and broadcast for maximum attention, rather than a medium that produces a form of genuine reckoning.

But it seems to be our world, regardless.


August 28, 2013

Are Christians gullible? Too quick to believe the worst? More discerning? An interesting question. Perhaps the study cited here is limited in some way, but we seem often to be ready to believe the worst. Perhaps a bit more caution is needed. And certainly some better historic context. Merritt quotes a gentleman:

After speaking at a local church recently, an elderly man proceeded to tell me that he believed America’s moral fabric was disintegrating. “I wish we could go back to the 1950’s,” he said. “I lived through that time and that was a really good time.” Of course it was a good time for him, a young white male with a flattop. But I bet there are a few African-Americans who would rather not return to an era when it was legal to discriminate against their entire race. And I’m sure there are a handful of women who are glad they’re no longer living in a decade where domestic abuse was often swept under the rug.

Progress and decline are in the eye of the beholder!

Atheist Fundamentalists

August 28, 2013

We find fundamentalists in all sorts of places.

Class and Education

August 28, 2013

Some disturbing facts in this discussion of the effects of class/income on educational outcomes.

Good reading, writing and thinking

August 28, 2013

Some thoughts on this. Not perfect or exhaustive, but we have to start somewhere…

Thinking about Sex properly

August 28, 2013

Some helpful thoughts on how our culture has changed the way we think about sex.

The Protestant

August 27, 2013

An account of a Catholic’s first encounter with a Protestant. An interesting story.

Student Wishes

August 27, 2013

Here’s what they want more and less of. At least in one survey. And given they may not understand the implications of what they ask for…

The Idiot in the Room

August 27, 2013

Too often, the idiot is me. A good reminder that we can learn from many perspectives.