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Typology and Sovereignty

April 29, 2012

Russell Moore makes some interesting comments about typology and sovereignty. He’s correct that certain understandings of typology (including the traditional one) seem to require a fairly strong view of sovereignty – at least one not similar to open theism. It’s one of several hermeneutical issues that are often missed in the discussion. There are potential problems with traditional understandings of sensus plenior or canonical interpretations of the text (if the future isn’t exhaustively settled, we’d have to rethink how those things might work).

The other thing I found interesting was Moore’s positive statement about Greg Boyd’s theology in other respects, given how hostile many people have been toward Boyd.

A Different Approach to Humor

April 29, 2012

A profile of Jim Gaffigan and his stand-up. It’s an interesting piece.

A Message for Higher Education

April 28, 2012

A message from Jay Schalin of the Pope Center delivered to the faculty at UNC. One take on the future that’s worth considering.

Academic Injustice

April 27, 2012

Larry Hurtado takes on a problem at some Christian academic institutions in this scathing post. I regret to say, I have seen some of these things personally among friends at several campuses. Since I’m personally part of the higher education world, it is hard not to think of what might happen – or to be concerned for friends.

There’s a parallel problem with school hiring/recruiting, which doesn’t have quite the same force but has similar effect (people are not “losing” jobs but not getting a job can be a bit of a burden too!). Additional levels of scrutiny, beyond the school’s confessional requirements in many cases, are used to screen applicants. This encourages scholars to be quiet about what they think (especially if it’s not very mainstream or potentially offensive to anyone), which can lead to layers of hypocrisy or even duplicity – just to get a job (and later to keep). Potential applicants are coached by friends at the potential institution with advice like: “Don’t say this this way” or “Don’t use this term” or “Try not to talk too much about this”. I don’t think it’s healthy.

On Mormonism

April 25, 2012

Noted theologian Joel Osteen on Mormonism. Now, I’m not a Mormon basher in the political realm, I can’t understand the logic behind a statement like this.

Theology in a Different (Ryan Gosling) Style

April 24, 2012

Worth a look. I thought it amusing.

An Odd Higher Education Adjustment

April 24, 2012

I know times are tough, but cutting computer science? It just doesn’t make much sense.

A Prayer for Sunday Worship

April 23, 2012

From Martin Luther.

On Youth Ministry

April 22, 2012

An interesting discussion of a movement against much of the modern youth movement.

Conversion Rethought

April 22, 2012

A good overview of the new way many evangelicals are thinking about conversion from Gordon Smith, who has written quite a bit about this.