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Half-white privilege?

June 19, 2014

I do think there can be something useful that comes of thinking about issues of privilege (though most often they are multiplex; it’s not just race, but economics and class and networking and more). But we’ve probably gone too far at times (often provoking resentment rather than understanding). Regardless of the accuracy of my opinion on that, I think the notion of half-white privilege should be quickly killed, because it leads to a very dark place. At least I suspect it does.


I love musicals

June 19, 2014

Which means I mostly agree with this post: You hate musicals because you are dead inside.

Bad Bibles

June 19, 2014

I still remember years ago (maybe 20 or so) sitting at a table with an evangelical publisher as he lamented the multiplicity of study Bibles and editions that were confusing the market (and making it hard from a business perspective). I think he was likely right, and we still have the problem, as this discussion of modern Bible versions (not translations, but versions) points out.

Writing a Commentary

June 19, 2014

I found this discussion of how a commentary was written (at least in one model) to be very interesting. It’s a challenging task and the workflow of it is interesting.

Old Testament Canons

June 19, 2014

Noting some of the diversity is a helpful thing.

A Very Negative Take on Higher Education

June 19, 2014

The title says it all: “Colleges are full of it: Behind the three-decade scheme t raise tuition, bankrupt generations, and hypnotize the media.” I don’t think all the diagnosis is correct, nor do I subscribe to all the stated or implied solutions. But there are some good points made here, about rising costs and the commodification of education that contribute to some of the problems we are all experiencing.

A Profile of Thomas Kinkade

June 19, 2014

A fascinating profile of Thomas Kinkade, warts and all. I was not much of a fan, and perhaps part of it was because of this part of his philosophy. Notes the article:

“I like to portray a world without the fall,” he once said.

There’s something admirable about that, but I’m not sure it really can address the human experience fully. Or perhaps I’m a bit of a snob.

The Death of the Humanities?

June 19, 2014

Here’s an interesting one on the current fascination with the death of the humanities. And suggestions about what the humanities have to offer.

The Septuagint

June 19, 2014

Some thoughts on the Septuagint, the Bible of the first Christians.

Protestants and the Church

June 19, 2014

From a while back, a helpful discussion of the Protestant doctrine of the church from Dan Wallace.