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Videos on Flipping the Classroom

June 11, 2015

Here’s an interesting set of videos that give some ideas on how to flip a classroom.

Trigger Warnings

June 4, 2015

Some more trigger warning discussion. It portends the end of serious education if taken seriously, it seems to me.

High School is Not College

June 4, 2015

Some good thoughts I think on attempts to convert high schools into colleges. They are not the same and just calling classes in poorly performing high schools “college classes” may not fix the problems.

The Cost of an Adjunct

May 30, 2015

Does the use of adjuncts affect the student? I think the answer is pretty obvious, and here’s an exploration of the issue. Here’s part of the issue:

But various obstacles make it difficult for adjuncts to engage in those traditional relationships, too. Outside-the-classroom responsibilities—office hours, advisement, and recommendation letters, for example—are rarely spelled out in their contracts.

On Androgogy

May 7, 2015

There is a lot of talk about adult style learning, androgogy rather than pedagogy, at least in what I’ve read and heard over the last few years. One thing I know about that, is it includes putting desks in a circle.

The Classroom Instructor

May 7, 2015

Rethinking the classroom in the world of ubiquitous online education. Here’s the problem in a nutshell:

The relatively recent emergence of the Internet, and the ever-increasing ease of access to web, has unmistakably usurped the teacher from the former role as dictator of subject content. These days, teachers are expected to concentrate on the “facilitation” of factual knowledge that is suddenly widely accessible.

The educational pendulum

May 7, 2015

Are we on another swing from one extreme to another in education? Here’s the observation:

I see Pendulum 2.0 as the swing from teachers drowning in an oversaturated ocean of “cool tools,” to the realization that without sound pedagogical practice, technology will have little to no impact in the classroom.

What an important point!

Grad School

May 7, 2015

From the onion, pros and cons of grad school.

Skills not degrees

February 19, 2015

There’s an important difference between a degree and skills.

The future of education belongs to those who figure out the difference and develop pedagogy and systems to teach and measure skills, it seems to me. But the future is a complicated thing..

The Coming College Decline?

February 19, 2015

Another downer essay on the state and future of higher education. Here’s the key paragraph that picks off the discussion:

Frey has calculated that if the U.S. does not improve its college completion rates for young people, the share of Americans holding at least a four-year degree will start to decline as soon as 2020. After that, his model forecasts that the share of college-educated Americans will not climb back to its level in 2015 (just under one-third) at least through 2050.

I’m less bothered by the lowered 4 year graduation rate than the article, because lots of jobs that “require” college degrees really don’t (and we’ve already more graduates than those jobs, at least so I’ve read. But proper training for all and competencies for all, whether at a 4 year school or not is a pressing issue.