Perspectives on the Indiana Debate

Now that religious freedom has become a hotly debated thing (which is odd, given I used to depend on the left-leaning justices of the Supreme Court to help protect it), what is the future. Here’s a collection of some articles that touched on elements of the debate.

From the Reclaiming the Mission Blog, here’s a more progressive Christian take. It urges Christians to avoid being part of ideological battles. There’s a point there, but I wonder if there can be peace on this issue given the current social and political climate.

I think that is the point (or at least part) of Ross Douthat’s set of questions. Where are there boundaries? Presumably for most there are some limits, but no one seems to be able to describe where state mandated requirements will end.

Which leads to Kevin Williamson’s essay about the war on the private mind. Perhaps this is the endgame, at least for some. Here’s an interesting comparison:

Like Antiochus and the Jews, the game here is to “oblige them to partake of the sacrifices” and “adopt the customs” of the rulers. We are not so far removed in time as we imagine: Among the acts intended to Hellenize the Jews was a ban on circumcision, a proposal that is still very much alive in our own time, with authorities in several European countries currently pressing for that prohibition.

So back to Douthat and his interview with a Christian. More or less a self-interview. With a balanced and thoughtful Christian defense of traditional Christian teaching.

Perhaps we will need to end up with the Benedict option. Not for the first time in Christian history.

And then there’s one essay asking what is driving the intensity of the debate. Could it be Selma envy? There’s at least something to the notion, though it is certainly not the whole story.

We live in interesting times.


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