The Social Justice Wars

There have been a number of essays recently about the social justice clashes taking place – mostly in the online world, but not exclusively so. Here are a few I found interesting (as much for their origin as for their content):

Social Justice Bulllies by Aristoltelis Orginos. Here’s the closing paragraph:

But the fact of the matter is — anyone unwilling to engage in productive, open, mutually critical conversations with people they disagree with under the moral protection of liberalism and social justice are not liberals, are not social justice advocates, and are not social justice warriors; they are social justice bullies.

How Campus Progressives Ruined LIberalism for the Rest of Us by Taylor Schmitt. Here’s his closing paragraph.

Unless my fellow liberals learn to stop shoehorning every situation to fit the narrative they are trying to construct, the left of tomorrow will be made up of individuals who are unable to distinguish their beliefs from reality. Those of us who can make this distinction will not want to associate with the liberal movement any longer. Where will we go?

The Truth about UVA and Ferguson Isn’t Good Enough for P.C. Crowd by John McWhorter. Here’s a key part of his conclusion:

Make no mistake: The idea that facts are all that matter is blinkered. True thought requires climbing past the cloud cover to a mountaintop where one understands that context matters. However, to embrace the idea that the story is paramount and facts are beside the point is not to climb higher—one couldn’t—but to roll down the other side of the mountain and wind up back on the cold, hard ground.

They’re all worth a look.


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