The End of the Rapture

The recent Left Behind disaster (apparently the disaster many of us expected) has prompted many comments on the rapture. And some of the criticisms are certainly deserved. N. T. Wright, whose work I generally appreciate takes his shot here. As a Brit, I sometimes suspect he hasn’t heard the best case for and explanations of the rapture, but I’ll take his comments under advisement. Here’s the Gospel Coalition’s representative, one which is skeptical but pretty balanced. The comments at the end are helpful:

And be aware that the secret rapture is one of those “secondary doctrinal issues” over which Christians can disagree. It grieves me to think of churches or Christians dividing over it. If you’re a secret rapture skeptic (as I am, if you couldn’t tell), will you be upset if you’re wrong and you get raptured? “Hey Jesus, why did you rapture me? Didn’t you read my TGC article?”

We could all use a dose of humility on these kind of issues.


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