Goofy Interpretations of the Bible

Here’s the latest I’ve seen (an advert in my inbox):

Dear Reader:

I recently uncovered something shocking in the Holy Bible…

…A prophecy hidden on page 638 of the Old Testament.

What it predicts for America’s economy made my jaw drop.

It foretold of a miraculous event…

…An event that is KEY to America’s current economic recovery.

Make no mistake; this event is happening RIGHT NOW.

It’s launching America forward into a new age of prosperity.

One that Obama, the Fed, and stimulus policies have nothing to do with.

Once I shared the discovery with our group members… even the hardcore
faithful were shocked.

They’ve never seen such proof confirming the Bible before.

But the evidence is irrefutable.

To see what the Bible says about America’s future, (click here link removed, for obvious reasons).

Really? Really?


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