Angry Progressive Evangelicals

I grew up with fundamentalists, some of whom were a bit on the angry side (though I didn’t have much direct exposure to that version of fundamentalism, thank goodness). It seems like the bug has hit progressives too:

Michael Hardin tees off on dispensationalism, and a good chunk of it seems unfair to me. At least it doesn’t apply to me, I don’t think.

And Frank Scheffer is very unhappy with Ed Stetzer. Frank has been a bit on the angry side for a while (see Addicted to Mediocrity, for example). But still I find glimmers here and there, and I found his Crazy for God oddly endearing. But the linked post is a very uncharitable read of Stetzer.

What is going on? I suspect 1) progressives are human (that’s not exactly news) and are subject to human failings; and 2) lots of them have experienced hurts in the past and even the present – and respond with somewhat understandable emotions. I wish them peace and grace and hope we all can strive for truth in love.

P.S. Here’s another one about Matthew Paul Turner’s latest book. I have sometimes found his site amusing (Jesus Needs New PR – and sometimes with some good points), but I think it has been less funny and more angry over time (perhaps I’m mis-remembering). In any event, perhaps a pattern? Or just humanity.


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