The antichrist

Some historical explanation of the view that the pope is the antichrist. The discussion is a little slippery on the present application* and doesn’t take quite as seriously as I would the mistake (imo) embedded in the Westminster Confession, but still this reminds us of a little bit of history.

*I decided to enlarge on this passing comment. Perhaps it’s a mistake to do so. Here’s the relevant passage:

Though, I believe the proper way to frame the question is not whether the Pope is the antichrist, but whether he is an antichrist. In other words, anyone who leads people away from the gospel of Christ participates in the spirit of antichrist.

I’m not sure that is quite what John had in mind, first. Moreover, even if that is the proper explanation, there are plenty of Baptist antichrists – in fact, plenty of antichrists in almost every church and denomination.


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