The Rise of the Religious Right

Randall Balmer makes an important point here. Perhaps several. First, evangelicals have a mixed history on abortion. I happen to think there are very strong arguments for the pro-life position, but we would be naive to not recognize how history and even science has adjusted how evangelicals think about this issue (and likely others, as well). Second, the reality of racism in evangelical history is often ignored. It certainly was a huge driver in the rise of the Christian school movement, and politics was part of it too. Not for everyone and not always. And perhaps not a large piece of the current reality. But facts are stubborn things, and failing to acknowledge them leaves us weak and easily mislead. Third, some Christians may have been played by political operatives who weren’t really interested in the same issues that motivated those Christians. [The same is true for certain issues on the political left, I would argue, but that’s not Balmer’s point]

So read, and learn.


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