Confessions as Normative Theology

Have to admit I find myself largely in sympathy with this discussion of confessions. I think we often do a poor job of understanding history and historical context. And we are not always ready to reevaluate in a new context. On the other hand, some seem so eager to dump the past I have other concerns. But in my circles, eagerness to embrace a change is not our biggest fault. So here’s one of the key points:

All creeds are framed by men who have grown up in a particular culture with particular influences and experiences — all of which have contributed to the way in which they read the Bible and understand its teachings and applications – and this reality limits the usefulness of all creeds and confessions, no matter how closely they may express an accurate understanding of the Word of God. Unavoidably, the form and content of particular creedal statements are shaped and influenced by the peculiar historical circumstances in which they are composed.


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