Mohler & Hauerwas

Talk about an odd couple. But a very interesting interaction, at least. Here’s Hauerwas on consumer culture and the church:

I tell my students for example, if they are to sustain their life in the ministry without self-hatred there are two things they should not do: They should never have the Christian funeral in a funeral home. It is to be in the church. And they should never marry someone off the street. And they say well if we try to do that, they will just go to the church down the street and be buried in a funeral home or to marry people off the street. And I say “yeah, but that’s why they’re a bad church and you’ll be a good one!” We won’t have many members. So that’s the way I think that it works, namely that the consumer gets to consume the kind of faith they want.

Mohler gets the last word. It is his program. So take his comments with that grain of salt and enjoy the discussion.


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