Science Fiction saves the Liberal Arts

At least that’s the claim. Certainly there is something to this, though some historical revisionism may be in place [who would have called science fiction true literature a generation or two back? And scifi may be having its own problems…]

To be honest, I’m also not convinced that large swaths of the current liberal arts agenda lead to such visionary feats (think of all the “…studies” departments). There’s a whole essay to be worked out on that topic.

I could also suggest that the article confuses (a bit) research funding in a field and teaching the field. You could have a very vibrant liberal arts teaching community (transmitting the cultural heritage) without building any particle accelerators. In other words, there may be (other) good reasons more money is spent on scientific research than on research in medieval literature.

But still, I love the idea of the liberal arts. There’s also the fact that perhaps a love and knowledge of the liberal arts (at least in the sense described in the article) could be obtained without a $200,000 cost. Just saying…


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