The Future of Work

Something I’ve thought about, but explained quite well here. We are in the midst of a radical restructuring of the economy and things will not be the same. Manufacturing may return, but with far fewer jobs. And lots of knowledge worker jobs will be lost as some things get automated. Long term this is probably a good thing, but in the short term it will be hard for many of us to manage. Here’s a paragraph that highlights the transition:

Solving America’s jobs problem and its consequences—slack demand for workers at many skill levels and the rising consequences for wages, working conditions and inequality—is going to require both policy and cultural shifts. In the 19th century most Americans spent their time working with animals and plants outdoors in the country. In the 20th century most Americans spent their time pushing paper in offices or bashing widgets in factories. In the 21st century most of us are going to work with people, providing services that enhance each others’ lives.

If this is right, we have some work to do in re-imagining the future.


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