Idols, Facebook and more

This extended post from Elizabeth Scalia addresses some issues within the Catholic world, but it has a broader application. Part of it is how we keep politics in its place – and balance it with Christian conviction.  And how facebook may not help. Even if you haven’t followed the background discussion, you’ll probably find something worthwhile in this discussion. Here’s a bit of the Facebook related stuff:

Facebook is an insidious place; most of us are not so grounded in humility that we can spend any time there without beginning to fall in love with ourselves, because Facebook is a profound vehicle for the feeding of our own narcissism (Look! I am liked! I am friended! I am shared! Everyone agrees with ME! Let me tell you what I’m eating, now!). And narcissism is the key to idol-making. We build them up and make them shiny, because then they better-reflect us back to ourselves.


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