Christian Tribalism

Helpful thoughts from a somewhat tribal outpost! Here’s a bit:

Then, it seems to me, there should be some talking across tribal lines.  The elders of the clans should gather and the people should smoke the peace pipe.  That doesn’t mean leaving your clan; it simply makes your tribe civil.  It seems necessary to say that neither tribe gets it all wrong or all correct.  Surely we should desire as wide a unity as possible, and we should also exclude those that threaten that unity with falsehoods.  There most certainly comes a time when we should not join, even though we must recognize the inescapable requirement to belong to the local church and the global church.  Escaping tribalism probably feels a little chameleon-like depending on the issue.  There’s something for us all to learn from one another.  We should be skeptical of that little voice which resists peace, bristles at talking with “others,” and finds balkanization cozy.  That’s the flesh, not the Spirit.  We should do everything to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  We should ask ourselves if we’re doing our part to end the tribalism and the lazy labeling that often accompanies it.

I especially appreciated his thoughts on the sometimes negative impact of digital media in the age. Read it.


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