On Saving Faith

Two recent posts which address important questions related to faith:

First, Scot McKnight responds to John Piper’s answer to the question: “What must we believe to be saved?”  While I sympathize with Piper’s goal, I think McKnight is closer to correct. The doctrinal details may be a bit fuzzy; I do think there should be maturity toward and a welcoming of at least core orthodox doctrine, but it just isn’t perfectly simple nor is there a quick list of 5 things we must believe, at least in my opinion. Also related is how we view conversion as a whole, but that’s another topic. Our conclusion here has practical implications…

And here’s a discussion of how to think about Roman Catholics who may not believe in justification by faith alone, at least in the Protestant version of it. Since we aren’t saved by faith in justification by faith, but by faith in Christ, the author argues that this is not an insuperable barrier (especially as we all experience imperfect faith). In any event, an interesting discussion and worth thinking about.


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