On Rapture Madness

I haven’t commented on this much, nor will I. It’s a goofy thing – and if the Lord did return on May 21 all I can say is that God has a great sense of humor. In any event, here’s a wide range of Catholoic (mostly) links that cover the basics from various perspectives along with a helpful link to Catholic resources on eschatology (which has other uses for those of us actually interested in the Christian doctrine and not date-setting fantasies – I already own a few and already planned to read a few others).

Actually, this comment from Instapundit is closest to my perspective:

More seriously, Freeman Hunt, on Facebook, is unhappy about all the hoopla: “Does anyone actually believe in this Rapture Saturday thing? I keep seeing references to Christians believing it, but I am a Christian, and I know a whole lot of Christians, and yet, I have not encountered a single person who believes this. I’m guessing there’s a small, nutty group somewhere that came up with this, and now it’s being used as a cudgel against regular Christians.” Or, as in my case, an excuse to procrastinate on grading. Plus, if you expect to be raptured away tomorrow, how about hitting my PayPal button today? You can’t take it with you!

BTW – I’m already on to the grading thing. Just in case, you know… And his recommended book (When Prophecy Fails by Leon Festinger) looks like it’s worth a read.


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