Another statement; this one on Uganda (not Manhattan!)

Saw another statement by Christian leaders. Doesn’t seem, in principle, that different than the Manhattan Declaration. It speaks out against a pending Ugandan law which would imprison or execute gays and require citizens to report on their neighbors. Not a program I could get too excited about! Some of the Manhattan signers have signed this too (e.g., Ron Sider), but it hasn’t seemed to have the same sort of reach and impact (with at least one notable exception). Why not?

Perhaps it is because it is about Africa. Or perhaps because some evangelicals are supportive (though I’m not sure about how relable this source is)? It could be that some of the specific language of the statement is problematic for some reason, but if so, why not make some public statements supportive of the basic point? I quickly searched a couple of well-known evangelical blogs that were supportive of the Manhattan Declaration, but so far, at least, no mention of Uganda. It does make me suspicious that the Manhattan Declaration is more about culture wars than about creating and/or advocating for a Christian vision of justice. I hope I’ll be proved wrong.


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