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Internet of Things

November 26, 2014

Is it creepy? Here’s an essay that makes the case. For example,

These trade-offs will only increase as the quotidian becomes digitized, leaving fewer and fewer opportunities to opt out. It’s one thing to edit the self that is broadcast on Facebook and Twitter, but the Internet of Things, which knows our viewing habits, grooming rituals, medical histories, and more, allows no such interventions—unless it is our behaviors and curiosities and idiosyncracies themselves that end up on the cutting room floor.

American Dialects

November 26, 2014

Before I collapse tonight, one last fun post. A map of American dialects. I like!

A Bit Scary

November 26, 2014

This account of micro-aggression is only slightly terrifying. Aside from potentially trivializing real problems, it seems to lapse into a subjectivism where one can’t help but be a potential target.

The Death of Adulthood

October 22, 2014

This article on the end of adulthood, young adult fiction, television and more prompted a lot of interest. What does it say about our culture and its future?

Vintage Dust Jackets

October 22, 2014

Here’s some aesthetically pleasing stuff. Good for a drizzly midweek afternoon.

25 is the new 21

October 21, 2014

Changing patterns in maturity. Children are increasingly likely to depend on parents for support much longer. For obvious reasons.

Online Images

October 20, 2014

This was cool news. Millions of public domain images put on the web.

Untranslatable words

October 20, 2014

I have to admit I’m a sucker for lists like this. Here’s an example: I have some friends who are frioleros. You’ll have to look to see what I mean. Here’s a hint. I used to live in Minneapolis.

Childhood memories

October 20, 2014

A friend recently posted about an event remembering an old host of a horror movie show in the Detroit area. I grew up watching the show, and remember being terrified as my good friend and I watched the show in the dark basement. Childhood memories…

sir graves

For my son, the economist

October 19, 2014

I think I actually emailed them to him, but these quotations make me smile. For a taste, here’s the first one:

The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists.

― Joan Robinson


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